• Jazz goes to Italy

    Although it may seem unlikely, so much can happen in the course of three weeks. Having returned from my fifth year directing the Jazz Study Abroad, I have now come to expect the new found focus and energetic practicing, the wonder of discovering a new world of ancient history and contemporary culture, and the flood of creative output that results from walking in a world that is literally bigger than the one you left on campus. Thanks to the insight of Milton Masciadri (world-renowned bass soloist and Director of International Programs for the Hodgson School of Music), our program is based at the Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria, Italy. I have yet to meet an American who knows this lovely town nestled between the rice fields and the gentle hills of the Piemonte Region. As a result, our students are given a truly new experience, living and studying among Italians, hour by hour gaining experience that opens their eyes and ears to new sights and sounds, away from the routine of their busy lives on campus.

    The dates for the 2015 Program will be May 11-31. Our 2016 program dates will be posted as soon as they are available. In the meantime, if you have any questions please get in touch through the link here : contact@stevedancz.com, or for more information visit me on Facebook at: Steve Dancz Jazz Study Abroad in Italy.

The Program

The Jazz Study Abroad is a small, hands-on program designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual student and is open to players of any instrument. Areas of concentrated study include improvisation, jazz/pop performance skills, film scoring, songwriting, desktop production using Appleā€™s Logic X, and music business topics including publishing, A&R, marketing, management, record label operations and entrepreneurship/success principles. I have been fortunate to work in this very competitive industry for decades and I use that background to help each student move forward quickly in accordance with their own goals, drawing on my record label and composing experience gained from working for media outlets such as National Geographic, Discovery, CBS, Columbia Pictures, the Super Bowl, and many others. Our Maymester Program delivers the deeply rich cultural environment of Italy plus three weeks of private lessons, master classes and tailored study, providing the student a unique opportunity to deeply focus on their creative and career goals, allowing them to jumpstart their entry into the music and entertainment industries.

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